Air freight Far East

Air freight transport to the Far East

Expanding economies and large outlet markets mean that many Dutch businesses are interested in actively participating in countries in the Far East. One problem could be that it is a time-consuming job to quickly transport goods to their destination. TTS TransAir is the solution; we will organise the entire logistics process on your behalf from door-to-door. Anywhere in the world!

TTS TransAir is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) and AEO-F certified Customs Forwarder and a Licensed Air Freight Agent. This will ensure that your freight will not be held up for unnecessarily long periods of time. Our in-house customs specialists will prepare the required export documents and air waybills. We will help you to fulfil all import and export requirements for the various countries in the Far East. Do you not need to have immediate access to your goods? If not, TTS TransAir can also provide temporary storage for you. We can also offer you various value added services.Air freight to the far East

  • Time Definite Services Amsterdam Schiphol and Dusseldorf Airport
  • Door-to-door service of Import / Export / Cross Trades
  • We are able to reach all destinations in the Far East
  • Customs specialist, we will not encounter nasty surprises
  • The air carrier for all of your goods to the Far East


Because speed is important, we will take care of your air freight services to the Far East

Air freight destinations in the far eastTTS TransAir will not only guarantee rapid air transport of your freight, but we will also organise the freight transport from and to the airport. Because of our large international network, we offer optimum coordination to ensure that your freight does not come to a standstill. Whether you wish to transport small or large consignments, you will always receive an appropriate proposal.




We are able to transport your air freight from and to: (plus others)

  • Air freight Cambodia
  • Air freight China
  • Air freight Hong Kong
  • Air freight Indonesia
  • Air freight Japan
  • Air freight Malaysia
  • Air freight Singapore
  • Air freight Taiwan
  • Air freight Thailand
  • Air freight Vietnam



If you have goods that have to be delivered or collected in a country situated in the Far East, please feel free to contact us. You will receive an appropriate proposal as soon as possible. Please also contact us if you have any questions about our services. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Worldwide Air Freight Specialists

Would you like to learn more about TTS TransAir? Or would you like to know how much your air freight shipment will cost? Would you like to know how quickly your shipment would reach India? Or do you have another question? Please contact us and we promise that we will not disappoint you.