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TTS TransAir is the leading forwarder for air freight to the Middle East

Air freight services are the ideal solution when you wish to deliver your goods quickly to your customers based in the Middle East. Because of the central location of TTS TransAir, in between the airports of Amsterdam and Dusseldorf, we are able to deliver your air shipment swiftly to its destination in the Middle East. After all, the air freight delivery has to reach your customers as quickly as possible.

On your behalf, TTS TransAir is able to deliver your air freight destined for the Middle East quickly, reliably and safely, partly because of our in-house Customs Division. Because of our specialist knowledge about customs and tax processes, you can also benefit from a swift lead time for freight destined for the Middle East. Because TTS TransAir is an AEO-F certified Customs Forwarder, IATA Member and a “Licensed Air Freight Agent” you can be assured that you are dealing with a forwarder who knows what it is all about! This will ensure that your freight will not be held up for unnecessarily long periods of time at Customs.

  • Air freight services Middle EastTime Definite Services Amsterdam Schiphol & Dusseldorf Airport
  • Import / Export / Cross Trades to and from the Middle East
  • Own warehousing in the Netherlands
  • Value Added Services
  • We are able to reach all destinations in the Middle East
  • IATA member, Licensed Air Freight Agent and AEO-F certified
  • Always one primary contact with an assigned contact person in the Netherlands


Air freight services to different countries in the Middle East

Air freight services to different countries in the Middle East

For prompt handling of your air freight goods to the Middle East, TTS TransAir is the right partner for you. As a forwarder, we have a global network, enabling us to offer you the best possible harmonisation of freight and flight transport. From the pick-up point to the unloading point, you are in good hands with TTS TransAir. A swift delivery by TTS TransAir is not only beneficial to you, but to your customers too.




A few air freight destinations in the Middle East:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates


If you would like to have quick access to a shipment, or you have to deliver goods quickly to a customer in the Middle East, please feel free to contact us. A quotation will be sent to you as soon as possible, along with guaranteed loading and unloading times.

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