Air freight services North America

We are able to provide air freight services to North America

Air freight forwarder TTS TransAir can take over all of your logistical worries. We will ensure that, under all circumstances, your air freight will reach its destination in North America on time. With us, you are assured of a swift and high-quality delivery. Because of our global transport network, comprising high-quality partners, we are able to guarantee the entire delivery process, from A to Z.

Air freight services to North AmericaAs a holder of an AEO-F certificate and registered as a ‘licensed air
freight agent’, we are able to quickly transport your freight to its country of destination and, of course, vice versa too, with no unnecessary delays at Customs. TTS TransAir has an in-house Customs Division, meaning we are able to deal with all customs-related matters efficiently and carefully. The huge benefit of this is that your customer will receive your goods quicker.

  • Time Definite Services: 24 / 48 / 72 hours from Amsterdam Schiphol & Dusseldorf Airport
  • Licensed air freight agent, fast lead times
  • North American import and export requirements hold no secrets for us
  • TTS TransAir transports to all countries in North America
  • Pick-up and delivery (national/international) by road and water
  • An assigned contact person in the Netherlands


With a single telephone call, your air freight can be on its way to North America

TTS-TransAir-provides air freight to North AmericaDo you have to deliver to customers in the USA / the United States or Canada? It is better to source out the logistical planning to a party who is experienced with this. You can then focus on your core business. With just one telephone call, the entire logistics process can be set in motion.

So if you would like to reach your customers in North American countries in the same shipment, let us take care of the entire route. TTS TransAir possesses all the knowledge it requires to get your goods on their way swiftly and to transport these by air freight, to ensure that you can always be assured that your obligations to your customers will be fulfilled.



By air freight, we can reach the following destinations in North America

  • Air freight United States
  • Air freight Canada
  • Air freight USA 


Would you like to know exactly which options are available to send your freight to North America? Click on the country of destination or origin of your transport. Here you will find everything about the transit times, the maximum permissible loading weights and much more. Or complete our quotation form and we will send a quotation to you within a few hours.

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