Air freight Russia

Russia, air freight or road transport after all?

Russia is not an everyday destination for many exporters. It is therefore good to know that you are dealing with a carrier or air freight agent that ‘knows their way around’ Russia. As part of TTS Quality Logistics B.V., TTS TransAir has been travelling to Russia since the early 1990s. Initially only by water, rail and road transport to Russia, but through TTS TransAir air travel is now also an option.

So your shipments have to be delivered swiftly and reliably to, for example, Moscow? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will send a customised quotation to you within an hour.Air freight to Moskow - Russia

You are dealing with a reliable air freight agent, because TTS TransAir is affiliated with Air Cargo Netherlands. In addition, TTS TransAir is an IATA recognised and affiliated air freight agent and we also hold ISO9001 and AEOS and AEOC certification. But above all, it is good to deal with an assigned contact person who knows what they are talking about.

Attributes of air freight Russia:

  • Central location between Amsterdam Schiphol and Dusseldorf Airport
  • Fast lead times (AEOS and AEOC certified and Recognised Air Freight Agent)
  • Knowledge about and experience in Import and Export to Russia
  • Pick-up and delivery (national/international) by road and water
  • An assigned contact person in the Netherlands who represents your interests
  • Complete Customs clearance


Do you require air freight to Russia? Not a problem for TTS TransAir®

Our in-house Customs Division will organise all import and export-related matters on your behalf, along with the corresponding customs documents. We will fulfil thIATA - Luchtvrachtexpediteure commitments that you have made with your customer, we are reliable, cost-efficient and problem-free. By choosing us as your logistics partner for air freight services to Russia, both you and your trading partner will experience the reliability of our commitments

Would you like to know what the difference is between an air freight shipment and freight by truck to Russia? That is possible, please ask us when you request a quotation!


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