AEO Licence

Our AEO-F (AEOC & AEOS) licence avoids unnecessary checks.

TTS TransAir has an in-house Customs division, which is certified by the Netherlands Customs for AEO-C and AEO-S. (This was formerly called AEO-F). The AEO licence states that TTS TransAir is part of a safe chain and its administration and safety are in good shape. The major advantage of this is that fewer physical checks have to be made by Customs and, for customers, it is an assurance that you are dealing with a business that is under the control of Netherlands Customs.


The AEO-C licence is a licence to simplify Customs procedures.


The AEO-S licence is a licence that is granted if the company fulfils the stipulated requirements in respect of security.

AEO_final cs

TTS TransAir holds both licences. In the past this was designated as the AEO-F (Full) certificate.

Your benefits:

  • Our AEO licence avoids additional checks being performed on your goods and customs documents.
  • Our air freight  is given priority during mandatory checks.
  • You air freight will be handled by a company that knows what it is talking about.
  • You do not have to fulfil any additional conditions.
  • The AEO licence is just one of our many quality labels/certificates that guarantee a high level of quality.



Are you curious about how using an air freight forwarder with an AEO licence would be advantageous to you? Or would you like to know which other quality labels we hold? Please contact us, and you will always receive a personal response within a few hours.

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