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What is an Air Waybill and who prepares this?   

Air transportation and the Air Waybill – they are inextricably linked. (This is also sometimes written as Airwaybill or Airway Bill, but the correct name is Air Waybill – AWB).  Put simply, it is an air waybill. The Air Waybill is the waybill such as the CMR for transportation by road and the Bill of Lading for sea freight.
IATA - LuchtvrachtexpediteurThe Air Waybill covers the air freight shipment. An air freight shipment is not accepted by the airline without the Air Waybill. An Air Waybill (AWB) provides evidence of the agreement between the consignor and the transporter. The air waybill covers the entire route. From airport departure to airport arrival. In some cases, the route is even covered by the Air Waybill when travelling by truck or car.

The air freight forwarder that prepares and issues the Airway Bill (AWB) does not have to be the transporter itself. Even so, they are responsible for carrying out the transport.

House Air Waybill / Master Air Waybill

A House Air Waybill is generally issued by an air freight consolidator. The air freight consolidator combines a number of shipments from different customers and sends this as a single shipment to the airline. This means that customers can often benefit from more competitive rates. The House Air Waybill differs from the normal Air Waybill. That is because the House Air Waybill has an easier layout. A Master Air Waybill also forms part of a House Air Waybill. This accompanies the entire shipment that is combined by the consolidator.

E-Air Waybill

ACN_LogoThe e-Air Waybill (e-AWB) is an electronic version of the paper-based Air Waybill for shipments transported by air. In some cases, the e-AWB can replace the paper-based version. Air Cargo Netherlands (of which TTS TransAir is also a member) is working towards making Schiphol airport fully paper-free. In the future, the paper-based Air Waybill will be replaced in full by the e-Air Waybill. The use of the e-AWB lays down stricter requirements in respect of correct completion and accuracy. A benefit of the e-AWB is that the electronic system can be connected to one another, so that processing of the air freight is quicker and the risk of errors is reduced. Unfortunately, there are still many destinations in the world where an e-Air Waybill is not yet accepted. For these destinations, paper-based versions therefore sometimes still have to be prepared.

Don’t worry about preparing your Air Waybill

If you source out your air freight to TTS TransAir, we will prepare the Air Waybills for your shipments on your behalf. We do this every single day and therefore we know exactly how the form has to be completed. Therefore, you do not have to worry, your shipment is in good hands!

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